Thursday, December 31, 2009

Amigurumi Owl

My mom absolutely loves owls. Owls and wolves, but she's loved owls for longer. So I found this adorable owl pattern. It's super quick to make and super cute. There was a bit of a delay in completing him because I had to find some eyes. I should've gotten the 20mm ones... but oh well. The stores around here have a very small selection of eyes, only brown ones and green cat eyes. I may have to order different ones online.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Amigurumi Snail

My somewhat ambitions second project! After finishing my Badly Crocheted First Scarf I decided to do what I always wanted to do: make an amigurumi plushie. In order to get myself leveled up enough to pull it off, I brought some yarn and hooks with me to game night (we play Exalted) and practiced basic stuff and attempted to figure out how to crochet in the round. I failed. It wasn't until later that night when I was at home that I figured it out and decided to make one for a gift. I came across this handy amigurumi pattern directory and found the snail pattern I would use. Thank you very much, Knotty, for making such a wonderful pattern!. The next day I went to Michael's because they were having a yarn sale and bought a bunch of little skeins of Sugar 'n Cream yarn for 4 for $5 and began work! I had no real trouble except that I lost count a few times and I failed to use markers as much as I should have. Thankfully, it turned out decently in the end! Except... that I didn't know there was a right and wrong side for these things... so he's inside out. But he's still cute, right? So it's OK.

By the way, the recipient loves snails and she thought it was adorable. Merry Late Christmas!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Badly Crocheted First Scarf

My very first project! It's also very badly crocheted. But before I go too far into that, I'll go ahead and thank my friend, Destiny, for ever getting me interested in crochet. When we were in high school she was always doing it and finally, when we were in the car to go to A-kon one year, she taught me the basics. Sadly, I didn't really start crocheting right away. Later that year I was stuck in bed due to illness and I had a grossly overdue library book on crochet out and started this scarf. Sadly, it was so badly crocheted I didn't work on it much after I was ill. Finally, I decided "I shall finish that scarf!" and did at last and now I'm strangely proud of it because it is The Badly Crocheted First Scarf.

I used Lion Brand chenille yarn on it because I love chenille. Sadly, that's a poor choice for someone new to crochet because it makes keeping the tension even even harder than normal. It spirals since I gradually got tighter as I went. I also used a hook that was a bit too small for yarn that thick, so even where it's "loose" it's still quite tight. Overall, it is a very dense scarf, not only because of the small hook but also because I used back loop single crochet because I liked the somewhat ribbed look.

I only ever really wear this to work because my coworkers already know I'm weird. I don't really wear it elsewhere much...