Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Badly Crocheted First Scarf

My very first project! It's also very badly crocheted. But before I go too far into that, I'll go ahead and thank my friend, Destiny, for ever getting me interested in crochet. When we were in high school she was always doing it and finally, when we were in the car to go to A-kon one year, she taught me the basics. Sadly, I didn't really start crocheting right away. Later that year I was stuck in bed due to illness and I had a grossly overdue library book on crochet out and started this scarf. Sadly, it was so badly crocheted I didn't work on it much after I was ill. Finally, I decided "I shall finish that scarf!" and did at last and now I'm strangely proud of it because it is The Badly Crocheted First Scarf.

I used Lion Brand chenille yarn on it because I love chenille. Sadly, that's a poor choice for someone new to crochet because it makes keeping the tension even even harder than normal. It spirals since I gradually got tighter as I went. I also used a hook that was a bit too small for yarn that thick, so even where it's "loose" it's still quite tight. Overall, it is a very dense scarf, not only because of the small hook but also because I used back loop single crochet because I liked the somewhat ribbed look.

I only ever really wear this to work because my coworkers already know I'm weird. I don't really wear it elsewhere much...

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