Friday, January 1, 2010

Amigurumi Lizard

This is so far the only crochet pattern I've spent money on and the only reason I did is because lizards are my favorite animal... but there are hardly any patterns for them. I bought it off of, which has several other cute patterns as well. This guy was kind of hard. I didn't have any trouble with his body except that I wound up making his tail slightly shorter than I should've. The hardest part were probably his legs. Crocheting tiny tubes is hard! And one of them is inside out because I forgot to flip it before it was too late. I enjoyed making his feet, but the last one didn't want to come out right so I got it somewhat decent and declared him ready to stitch together. However, he's still cute despite his flaws and he's my favorite. ♥

Now I want to alter him for an iguana or something.

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