Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mom's Scarf 2.0

When I was in high school and first learned how to crochet I told my mom that I'd make her a scarf and got the yarn and stuff for it, but since I got stuck on The Badly Crocheted First Scarf I never got around to it. I actually started this before her owl, but I'm ADD and can't work on just one thing and the owl was quicker. This was originally wider and was going to have a cream stripe on each end, but then my mom and I were in the mall and she saw some short scarves with buttons and declared that she wanted one like those, so I wound up undoing the whole scarf and starting over after having two feet done. I did, however, learn how to make a yarn ball. Once it was unraveled, I finished this while watching two movies.

The yarn I used is Lion Suede and I used single crochet using the back loops for the cool texture. The toggle is something we had laying around in the button collection. I'm kind of jealous because it's so much nicer than The Badly Crocheted First Scarf, but now I'm working on a crazy fuzzy scarf of death.

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